About us

aboutAs an entrepreneur with a passion for offering top quality customer service, Yangki Tshering of Glimpses of Bhutan offers professional, personal and memorable travel experiences.

With a background in management and finance combined with her love of meeting people from all over the world, Yangki started her tour company in 2004 and is committed to your travel experience being seamless and unique. She will enjoy customizing your trip to Bhutan, offering lots of options to ensure that your experience is complete.

With her love of creative cooking and her desire to offer her customers the best and most diverse cuisine Bhutan can offer, Yangki also runs her own restaurant in Bhutan, ZaSa, which caters to special groups, off site business meetings and diplomats. While on a Glimpses of Bhutan tour you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy several five star meals at ZaSa during your stay in the capital, Thimphu.

When she’s not cooking or making sure that your tour in Bhutan is just right for your group, Yangki enjoys gardening, traveling, yoga, trekking and eating, In 2014 she completed the first Bhutan International Half Marathon.

Professional Experience Overview:

Pre 1997: Shop Manager
1997-2000: Certified Accountant and Auditor for Royal Audit Authority
2000-2005: Office Manager for German Technical Corporation
2004 to Present: Business Owner – Glimpses of Bhutan and ZaSa